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Are you looking for the best Seedbox provider?

We are the pioneers of seedbox. We are best known for providing private, fast, and secure seedbox in the world.

Why do You need To Choose Us?

We always keep our customers first.

Advanced Dashboard: We provide our customers with a browser-based control centre which can be accessed through any platform like mobiles, laptops, etc. Moreover, the advanced dashboard provided by us makes your seedbox controlling pretty easier.

Instant Setup: Our fully automated top Seedbox system will keep you up and running instantly. You can start seeding with blazing speeds as soon as you make a purchase.

Amazing Speeds: Our servers are located in many parts of the globe which uses high-grade careers for maximum bandwidth and minimum latency. Moreover, every server of ours has a Gigabit connection. Our network has a high end peering deals that consist of Telia, GTT, NTT, Zayo, Seabone, Core-backbone, and also peering via DE-CIX, and Linx.

Data Privacy: We do not store any of the personal details of our customers. There will not be any logs or contracts on our system. You can be least worried about your data privacy with us. We never hand over the data information of our customers to other parties. Our products are designed, keeping your anonymity and security in mind.

Unlimited Data: All the plans we provide come with unlimited traffic, you can seed it as per your wish. The FTP, HTTP, PLEX, and SFTP streaming makes use of the premium networks to get the best peering to your place.

Support Centre: Our dedicated support team helps you in resolving any kinds of issues within less time. Our support team has members who have years of experience in handling the seedbox issues. Moreover, we are proud to say that we offer 24/7 server monitoring with fast intervention. However, support tickets which are raised after the working hours might take time in resolving.

Multiple App Support: Our Seedbox supports a lot of apps which you can probably find on the internet. Most of the major protocols like SFTP, FTPS, FTP, IRC, Torrent, IRC, etc. are supported and easily accessible through the browser.

7-Day Guarantee: If you do not find our services satisfactory, we will provide a refund within seven days of your purchase. However, we do not love losing our customers, so we will try to help you with whatever possible that makes you happy with our services.

Powerful Hardware: Unlike most of the seedbox providers, we provide with the best hardware in the industry. We are ready to give whatever it takes to provide our customers with the blazing-fast servers and performance.

Emby and Plex Servers: Our high-end plans come with dedicated emby and plex servers that help you to stream all the media content on any device.

Guaranteed Uptime: Our services have 99.9% uptime guaranteed. In case, if anyone faces unscheduled issues, we do compensate our customers for that.

No Public Trackers: We do not allow any public trackers on our network as we care about the privacy and security of our customers.

Our Seedbox Platform is All You Need

Easy and Efficient

You can install the apps only that you need. To operate our system, you need not have any understanding of the enterprise-grade operating system.

Synchronize Your World

You can use the FTP or WebDAV via FileRun to synchronize all your files and folders of your seedbox to the local drive.

Explore Yourself With the Integrated Tools

Our seedbox not only acts as a storage solution but works beyond that. You can install PHP, NGINX, MySQL, WordPress and create your own websites.

Stream and Enjoy

We have a lot of popular industry apps in our server, which helps you to stream media unlimited. Apps like Madsonic and Plex help you to get unrestricted access to the media library.

Project Management

As mentioned earlier, our services offer much more than traditional seedbox. You can manage the projects with the help of our tools like Serposcope, Tuleap, and Jira.

Communicate and Game

With the wide range of apps available on our servers, you can do Text chat and Voice chat. Apps like RocketChat help in text chat while apps from Minecraft servers help in gaming.

Other Features

Prepayment Discount

All our plans come with a prepayment discount when an upfront payment is made for billing cycles of 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. You can also change the billing cycle whenever you require. Moreover, we provide cheap seedbox pricing in the industry.

Flexibility To Change Your Provider

You need not worry about the data stored in the seedbox. In case, if you are planning to change the provider, we take all the responsibility of transferring your data from one server to another server, including the torrents and configurations.

Installable Add-Ons

With a single click of the button, you can install many add-ons like Rapidleech, Transmission, Pydio, Squid Proxy Server, CouchPotato, Pyload, Synching, PlexPy, etc.

Instant Activation

Within a few seconds of your payment, we will assign you a seedbox that is ready to perform. We also offer automated installation on our seedbox. The process is very simplified for our customers, just order, pay, and get your blazing-fast seedbox by us.

Global Availability

It does not matter which location you are from and where you want to host your seedbox. All our services are accessible anywhere around the globe. You just need to have access to the internet, and the rest can be left to us.

Fast And Reliable Support

Our skilled team is available round the clock for you. We generally reply to your queries in a few minutes. You are always welcome to raise queries about the smallest of the problems.

Easy to Use Control Panel

It does not matter if you are a beginner or expert; our advanced control panel is very easy to use and interactive as well. You can perform any activity in our control panel with a simple click of a button. Moreover, our seedbox can be accessed from any platform like PC, tablets, laptops, and also phones. Hence, you need not worry about the connectivity of the seedbox.


How Quickly Can I get a Seedbox?

As mentioned above, we deploy our Seedboxes instantly. You just need to order an account, pay, and get the seedbox delivered instantly. Along with the Seedbox, we also provide you with the pre-installed apps (you can select them during the checkout process).

How to Pay For the Seedbox?

We support all kinds of payment, including bitcoin, PayPal, and other international debit and credit cards as well. We also accept Maestro and MasterCard, Visa including Visa Debit and Visa Electron. If you feel any of the payment gateways are missing on our website, feel free to contact us through the contact form provided on our website. We will add them in the future.

Do You Provide Any Discounts?

Yes, we do provide discounts to our customers who are willing to pay upfront for 3 months, 6 months, and also 12 months. If you are looking for any customized plan, you can reach out to us over the chat or contact us through the contact form provided on our website.

Where are the Servers Based?

We have servers based in many parts of the world. You can simply choose the location wherever you would like to host your seedbox.

What Features Are Available?

We have an in-house designed platform which takes care of deploying the seedbox, and all other open-source applications on the platform. We also take care of migrating the data from one server to another, including the torrent and other configuration. In case, if you aren’t able to find any applications through the AppStore, we do offer Operating system based applications that can provide desktop experience with full access to the root server.

Do you offer root access?

Yes, we do offer root access. As mentioned earlier, our AppStore allows you to download and install in a quick and easy way. If the app is not available in our AppStore, then we have Operating System based applications which can solve your problem.

What security is available?

We provide best in class security for our clients as we do not deploy any public tracker on our servers. All of our clients use only HTTPS access which ensures that all your data is encrypted. Also, we offer unlimited VPN account, which helps you to encrypt the data through seedbox. Moreover, all the logs are deleted on a day to day basis to ensure that no tracking is done.

Can I install additional software?

Yes! You are free to use additional software on the seedbox using the plugins like Resilio sync, Plex Media Server, etc. You can also have access to the remote desktop.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes, you can use your own domain name and also manage the domain name servers just by adding the A-records to your domain. If you have a Cloudflare account, it would be an added advantage as our system can manage everything for you, including adding A-records to hosting your domain on our server.

Do you offer a refund policy?

Yes, we offer a 7-day refund policy to our clients. If you are not satisfied with our services, you can raise a ticket for refund in the portal, and our support team initiates the refund as soon as possible.

Is seedbox safe?

Yes, a seedbox is completely safe and secure to use. Most of the torrent user get issues with the insecurity of the torrent sites. However, these issues are solved in the seedbox as it prevents the hacking of data and also data breaching as it hides the IP address from other hackers. Seedbox uses the BitTorrent Protocol, which is used for peer-to-peer file sharing. A large size data files are transferred to the end-user using these protocols. This is one of the major aspects responsible for the high speeds of Seedbox server.

The data centers where seedbox is hosted has a high bandwidth ranging from 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps. This range is good enough to handle the upload and download speeds of the torrent files. So, if you are looking for a high level of data privacy, a seedbox is the best solution.


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