10 Best Seedbox of 2020 Listed


A seedbox is a remotely hosted server for downloading and uploading digital files securely using high speed bandwidth. The server uses point to point network for high speed uploads and downloads. The minimum speed obtained using a seedbox is 10 Mbit/s and maximum speed of up to 10 Gbit/s.

This remote hosting server is primarily used for torrenting. Users get access to great features that makes their torrenting task easy, convenient and reliable. Downloading and seeding torrents without the use of seedbox poses many challenges for the users. Unstable speed, throttling bandwidth, privacy threats torrent users have to go through a lot.

But using a seedbox helps you to avoid all these problems. There are tons of seedbox brands that have emerged over the years and finding the best seems to be challenging for consumers. But fret not! Below we have enumerated how you can pick the best seedbox and also listed the top 10 seedbox brands as of 2020. So, without further ado, let’s start with the list, shall we?

Things to consider for picking out best Seedboxes

Now, as the choices are many, users might feel overwhelmed and end up picking a seedbox that does not satisfy their requirements. Here are a few things that you need to consider before choosing a seedbox.

  • Monthly or Annual Expenses

If you are thinking that seedbox is a one-time commitment purchase then you are certainly very wrong. In order to keep on using its services users are required to choose a specific plan. Now, almost every seedbox provider offers monthly or annual expense plans from which users can make their choice. But before you choose a plan make sure to assess your budget and features offered in the specific plan.

  • Client Support

Client support is an important consideration that one should take into account before choosing a seedbox. Make sure you choose a seedbox company that offers reliable customer support. You may face a few difficulties or some error while accessing your seedbox. Whether it’s due to bad weather conditions or any other reason, errors are bound to happen. A prompt and efficient client support comes really handy in such situations.

  •  Payment Option

Keep in mind that there are several scamming companies that may trick you into something dreadful. To avoid such scammers, see that the seedbox company offers a safe and secure payment mode and an authentic billing mechanism. Steer clear away from those that fail to provide transparency in their billing mechanism for their services.

  • Speed & Storage

The primary function of a seedbox is to offer users with amazing speed and plenty of storage to save files. Now, the range of speed and amount of storage varies from one seedbox provider to another. It is important for you to check out these two features before you choose a seedbox. The best way to do so is by comparing different seedboxes based on your torrenting needs. We are pretty sure you’ll be able to find the most suitable seedbox by assessing these features.

Top 10 Seedboxes Listed

To make your choice a little bit easier we have listed out 10 best seedboxes that are available in the market right now. These include –

1.      SeedboxBay

SeedboxBay offers unlimited bandwidth that offers its users with high-speed connections and downloads. A perfect seedbox choice for newbies as it provides a simple and clear interface. Available at reasonable rates with a decent range of hosting plans to choose from. FTP downloads are a bit time-consuming, however, overall SeedboxBay definitely deserves a place in this list.

2.     UltraSeedbox

With the inclusion of Plex based hosting plans, UltraSeedbox has gained a lot of popularity among users. But that’s not all, loaded with amazing features such as simple user interface, high-quality bandwidth, instant setup, reliable customer support, users will have an amazing torrenting experience with UltraSeedbox. It also has 7 days money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with their products or services.

3.     RapidSeedbox

Rapidseedbox has been one of the best seedbox providers ever since the year it launched in 2008. If you are looking for a high-quality dedicated seedbox server then this one is the one. Users get to choose from multiple hosting plans. It also offers 24×7 client support and customizable services as per the users needs. Definitely one of the best seedbox providers in the market right now.

4.     DediSeedbox

Super easy interface and high-speed range of up to 10 Gbps, this one is definitely one of the most promising seedbox brands available. Users will find plenty of information related to accessing this seedbox service. Also, users get one-click rapid app installation that makes them so much convenient. Check out this amazing seedbox server now.

5.     Evoseedbox

Promising to provide users with budget-friendly plans, Evoseedbox is a high-quality seedbox brand of 2020. With 20+ apps and Plex optimized plans available, this one is definitely a strong contender in the list of best seedboxes.

6.     Seedbox.io

Seedbox.io offers some of the cheapest plans that make them appealing to customers. It provides customers with a $5 shared slot server and plenty of other amazing features. Make sure to check out this amazing seedbox brand.

7.     Cloudboxes.io

Cloudboxes.io has amazing hardware and software systems that makes them one of the robust running servers in the market. It gives unlimited incoming traffic no matter which hosting plan you choose. It definitely deserves a mention in this list.

8.     Seedit4.me

Unlimited bandwidth, reliable client support 24×7 and affordable plans, seedit4.me is a great seedbox brand available. Beginners will not face any difficulty using the server as it has one of the simplest user interfaces.

9.     ISeedFast

Loaded with great features ISeedFast gives a run for its money to other leading seedbox brands. Users get to choose some of the cheapest hosting plans. Hence, if you are a newbie and need a simple yet good performing seedbox then this one is perfect for you.

10.  Seedbox.fr

Lastly, Seedbox.fr may have only 3 hosting plans but is well-tailored to fit every user’s needs. A great server if you are looking for equal quality/price ratio. Keep in mind to check out this incredible seedbox server in 2020.

6 thought on “10 Best Seedbox of 2020 Listed”

  1. UltraSeedbox
    A great seedbox brand that offers almost perfect hosting services to the users. With a great range of hosting plans available, users get to choose the most suitable one as per their requirements. Offering unlimited downloads and up to 20 Gbps speed, this one is perfect for those who need a robust system to fulfill their activities.
    With its metered upload and lack of info on the site for accessing its services, UltraSeedbox may lose some points from being the perfect seedbox provider.

  2. DediSeedbox
    With tons of amazing features DediSeedbox is an incredible tool for both beginners and pro users. Newbies could find respite with its easy setup and installation. Also, with pre-installed plugins, users could maximize the full potential of seedbox. Affordable plans with loaded features, this one is a hit among the list of best seedboxes.
    The only downside that the users may face is the speed variation based on the size of files that the users chooses to download. Plus, OpenVPN has to be installed by the users themselves which might take up some of the time.

  3. Seedbox.io
    The customers get to pick as per their requirement as Seedbox.io offers both slots of dedicated and shared hosting. Also, the client support monitors the server on a 24×7 basis so any issue can be solved with urgency. High-end peering deals are available for the users and a minimum 100 Gb uplinks are offered on all servers.
    The customer support offered beyond business hours takes a lot of waiting time since the client support team is EU based. Some users have reported minor glitches with the seedbox.

  4. RapidSeedbox is a customer-driven seedbox provider that offers flexible hosting plans for the customers. It has a great reliable customer support team that is prompt in providing problem-solving solutions. Also, it offers the users with great control options.

    But with many pros there are some unavoidable cons of this seedbox as well. It has an unreliable remote access. And since it offers shared hosting experience to the users the assured minimum download speed and bandwidth varies daily.

  5. SeedboxBay
    This one offers a full package of amazing features for the users. Unlimited bandwidth, convenient data storage, clean and simple user interface, SeedboxBay provide great things for the seedbox users. Also, this seedbox hosting provider has quality customer service with prompt responses.
    However, transferring the downloaded files from the server to the user’s device via FTP download is a time-consuming process. The download speed is relatively slow. Also, some users reported server reboot interrupting their activity at the peak hours.

  6. ISeedFast
    Offering the users with some of the cheapest hosting plans, ISeedFast is a great seedbox provider if the customers are tight on their budget. Also, the customers get access to a plethora of active torrents that they could pick for downloads.
    However, the hardcore technical users may not find ISeedFast appealing as it lacks some amazing seedbox features. Unavailability of public trackers, no VPN included on basic package and poor customer support are some of the major downsides of this brand.

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