6 Best Plex Plugins to Install for Relentless Plex Seedbox Service


The world of torrenting is tricky and yet the number of users that are hooked to torrenting are in millions around the globe. As the number of users grows for peer to peer (P2P) file sharing, users are more conscious about the way they accomplish their torrenting activities.

Whether it is the security concerns or speed at which they finish their torrent tasks, users want the best when torrenting online. Well, this requirement gave rise to the use of Seedbox services that allow the torrent users all the major benefit while torrenting. Seedboxes are remote hosting servers that put users on high bandwidth data centers to download and upload digital files.

The past decade has seen a major boost in the features that are offered by a Seedbox. In fact, some Seedbox brands enable the feature of streaming media files directly from the server itself without having to download or transfer them into your system. Yes! With the inclusion of Plex setup you can transform your Seedbox into a streaming media server.

The demand for plex seedbox service has seen a major growth over the years. This has made several seedbox providers to introduce plex optimized hosting plans that give users more advantage.

What is Plex?

So, Plex is an application that enables the users to manage and access the media file library. It turns your seedbox server into a personalized media streaming server. If you thought that seedbox can function for the benefit of downloading and seeding files then Plex expands the functionality of seedbox and makes it a streaming server.

If you are tech savvy then you can even modify the functionality of Plex by installing varied plugins. However, the challenge that lies here is that as of 2018 Plex announced to shut down their directory. Releasing a statement, they explained that it was hard to support them and merely 2% users actually used these plugins.

But that doesn’t mean they completely shut down the system of installing plugins. Users can still manually install plugins and amplify the Plex seedbox service. But finding a plugin that actually works in 2020 is a difficult job.

That is why we bring you a list of best plex plugins that you can install and use smoothly. Give more power to your Plex Seedbox Service by installing these plugins right now!

Best Plex Plugins That Works in 2020

1.    Kitana

Ever since Plex made the move to pull out their plugin support from the frontend of the server along with media player apps, users were finding it hectic to “sideload” the plugins. Especially for the beginners, who will find the process of sideload complex and time consuming.

Kitana is there to save the users from such complexity. Kitana is a perfectly working web-based plugin system that enables users to install, delete and manage the overall Plex plugins. This plugin solves the issue via a web-based frontend interface that gives the users the control over their overall plugins.

Kitana automates the process of sideloading by connecting to the Plex seedbox server you use. However, keep in mind that Kitana will function only if sideload is supported by Plex.

2.   Trakt.tv

Now Trak may sound familiar to some as it was a popular Plex plugin that was used to track media files and stream the files right from where the user left off. The good news is that Trak.tv is still a bug free and smooth-running plugin that enables users to keep track of their watching history.

However, some users may find this plugin useless as they have multiple users streaming the same content and the plugin will fail to keep the progress separated as per each user’s watch history. But there’s a cool trick to solve this issue as well. Users can install Tautulli2Trakt script that enable users to create accounts that will track the progress separately.

But keep in mind that you require a paid PlexPass to get this plugin up and running.

3.   Mangahere

If you are a Manga lover then this new Plex plugin is just for you. You can quench your thirst for searching and reading Manga with this plugin. Stream the Manga content on the big screen with the help of Mangahere.

You don’t have to scroll through annoying pop-up ads and quickly stream Manga comics with this plugin. And don’t worry about the bugs as Mangahere is a perfect plugin that you can install and use in 2020.

4.   Tautulli

If you share your Plex seedboxes account with multiple users then Tautulli is another plugin that you must install and use. Tautulli gives the user to keep track of the activities in their Plex seedbox server library. This plugin is one of the best running plugins that is constantly updated and regularly maintained.

Tautulli plugins have features such as watch history, streaming trends charts, media library breakdown stats and synchronous overview of which media file is streamed currently by which user. It also enables the users to notify the other users if a new media is added.

This one is a must-have plugin to amplify your Plex Seedbox service.

5.   Sub-Zero

Sub-Zero is a fully functional Plex Plugin that works just fine in 2020. With the installation of this plugin users can enrich the quality of streaming media files. We don’t realize the importance of subtitles unless we watch a foreign language movie or TV show.

Streaming sites like Netflix provide the users with seamless subtitles which they can turn on while streaming. Give your Plex Media Server the similar power by installing Sub-Zero plugin that downloads subtitles for movies and TV shows streamed via your seedbox server.

6.   Ombi

Yet another plugin that can be useful for those who share their seedboxes with multiple users. With multiple users on board, it becomes difficult to handle upload/download requests in the account.

When you install Ombi plugin it sets up a web portal where the respective users can put up their media request that they want to access and stream. The user does not have to contact the main account holder. Ombi lists the requests systematically and the main user can check them out once they are free.

Not just that, Ombi also notifies the user that entered the request in the portal once the content is available in the seedbox media library.


Even though Plex pulled their support for plugins, it has left a loophole for seedbox users to amplify their Plex seedbox services by manually installing plugins. The above listed are some of the best Plex plugins that are fully functional as of 2020. All you need to do is search for them and install.

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