6 Reasons Why You Need to Own a Seedbox

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A seedbox is a private server with huge storage space allowing you to upload and download digital files fast, very fast! Having a high data transfer rate, seedboxes utilize the BitTorrent method for uploading and downloading digital files.

The best part about a seedbox is that it works with the majority of Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac. Also, seedboxes are on remote servers and thus your IP address is fully protected and you can maintain anonymity while downloading torrents. Thus it is a safe and secure way of torrenting.

Once downloaded on the seedbox, you’ll still have to download the files to your PC to be able to view them. But that too can be done anonymously via the HTTP, FTP, SFTP, or sync protocols.

So, you see seedboxes are very useful tools when it comes to torrenting. But why do you need to own one when you can still download without one?

There are many great reasons to own a seedbox and we have come up with them for you to understand why you need a seedbox if you want to continue with torrenting.

1. Lack of online time

Maybe frequent travels are a part of your routine and you can’t spend much of time online. There’s always the option of downloading torrents on your mobile, but that too is not such a good option because of connectivity issues and low traffic limitations. Owning a seedbox will help you deal with this issue very easily. You can just download the files you want and keep it running on the seedbox without having to remain online.

2. Protect your hardware from overuse

Even if you are using a high-end computer, leaving it on for the whole day for downloading files is still not a good choice as it can harm your computer hardware in the long run. A seedbox, on the other hand, comes with robust hardware and you don’t have to worry about keeping it on for the whole day as it’s capable of running 24/7.

3. Peer-to-peer traffic is prohibited

In many regions around the world, peer-to-peer downloads are prohibited. So, whether you are at work, or school, or even home, if your ISP blocks or throttle this type of activity, there’s no way you can torrent. A seedbox will allow you to continue with torrenting in such cases.

You can simply download the files on your seedbox and later into your PC. They are convenient and easy-to-use web browser-based management that allows you to download files remotely and then transfer those to your computer.

4. You can become a VIP member in a private community

If you want to be a member of a private torrenting community, you must have a ratio or standing that meets the standards. If you fail to maintain this ratio which depends on uploading or seeding, you’ll get kicked out. So, the easy solution is to own a seedbox to upload and seed torrents and thus easily maintaining the ideal ratio.

5. Privacy and anonymity

The internet is more of a public place now where all your activities get noticed. Particularly while torrenting, your IP is visible to everyone on the same swarm. With a seedbox, however, you’ll have complete control over your privacy since you’ll be needing to log into an account to access files meant for your use only. Some seedboxes even come with OpenVPN for encrypted connectivity and thus you and your identity remain completely hidden while you browse online.

6. Streaming video files

Some seedboxes come with Plex or Kodi pre-installed. So, along with hosting media files, which a seedbox does quite effectively, with these two applications, you can also turn your seedbox into a powerful media center that will allow you to sort your video content into libraries. You can then watch them right from your seedbox on your web browser.

Final Thoughts

Owning a seedbox has a lot of benefits. Here we have outlined some of them. Apart from these, you’ll also get the advantage of high-speed upload and download and cheap storage space. You’ll also free up your home computer system and thus can utilize it for different purposes other than torrenting.  With these wonderful benefits of seedboxes, it’s hard to see why you’ll not want to own one. So, own a seedbox today and continue with torrenting.

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