All you’ve ever wanted to know about seedboxes

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If you happen to be a frequent user of torrent in today’s day and age, then you would have surely come across the term ‘seedbox’! It is all over the place and everyone seems to be using one and owning one!

Don’t know what it means yet?

Don’t worry we are here to help you out!

So what are Seedboxes?

Seedboxes are nothing but private dedicated servers that are used for the uploading and downloading of digital files at insanely fast speeds..

Chances are that you have used a Seedbox in the past

It’s crazy is it not? To know that you might have used a seedbox in someway without even knowing that it means? Well this really isn’t some far-fetched reality, this is actually the truth. If you have every downloaded files through torrents and experienced insanely fast speeds while doing the same, then chances are high that you might have downloaded these files from a seedbox which might have uploaded these files to you.

Top 3 reasons to own Seedboxes

If whatever you have read so far strikes your fancy and if you would like to know more, then read on further to know the key benefits of seedboxes along with the most compelling reasons for owning them. Let’s get started!

1. Lack of time online :- Many people in today’s day and age are always on the ‘go’ and these people often choose to download files from the torrents on their mobile phones. While there is nothing inherently wrong in doing so, this may not be the most effective way of downloading files from the torrents. This is mainly because downloading files on your mobile is full of connectivity issues and low traffic limitations. The best way out is to own a seedbox because then you will be able to download the files of your choosing and then leave them running. Later, you can come back to copy these files without the need to be online and you can then wait for these files to get completely downloaded.

2. Overusing your hardware for heavy downloads :- Even if you are using a very high-end computer or laptop, it is still not advised to keep it running all day and night for the purpose of downloading and uploading because if you do so, you will eventually end up clogging your bandwidth. What you actually need is a seedbox because a seedbox is equipped with robust hardware which makes it possible to run it 24/7 without ever feeling the need to shut it down every other day.

3. Privacy and anonymity :- Privacy is one of the biggest concerns for torrent users in today’s day and age, bigger than it ever has been in the past. Torrent users are always on the lookout for better, efficient and more private ways of downloading files from the Internet and one such way is VPN and the other is Seedboxes. The Internet is surely becoming more and more of a public space with every passing day but that doesn’t mean that your internet activity inclusive of your downloads and uploads needs to be visible to others. Thus if privacy happens to be one of your major concerns then you are highly recommended to begin using seedboxes because as soon as you begin using seedboxes  you will have complete and absolute control over your privacy mainly because only you will be able to access  your files as they will be limited for your usage through an account login.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, that was everything you ever wanted to know about Seedboxes. Torrenting can get a lot more easier for you if and when you begin using Seedboxes. The best part is that you won’t have to break the bank or burn a hole in your pocket to own Seedboxes because they are able for as less as $40 on a monthly basis for a standalone seedbox and for just $10 on a monthly basis for a shared seedbox.

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