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Over the few years the way we share media and files with our friends or even strangers have entirely changed over the BitTorrent protocol. A plethora of high-quality digital files in various formats are easily accessible for downloading and sharing. However, the BitTorrent powered technology is not private.

Anyone that’s in the same network as yours or is accessing your files would be able to learn your identity and your online activities. You remain entirely exposed and vulnerable to security threats. This is where the need of a Seedbox comes in. Using the best Seedbox enables the users with the power of private torrenting.

Not only you get much-needed security and privacy but you are able to witness an enhanced torrenting experience as well. But before you make a decision to use it, continue to read till the end to learn all things essential about Seedbox.

What is a Seedbox?

A Seedbox is a remote access server that is situated at a high-speed data center that enables the customers to use public IP addresses while torrenting online. The remote servers tend to offer high-speed that ranges between 100 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

By using a Seedbox you are able to download files anonymously to your device. With the help of this server you would be able to have superior torrenting experience no matter which home network you use.

The many uses of Seedbox

Now, the primary use of Seedbox is of course for torrenting. However, this remote hosting server can do a lot more than just giving the users a smooth torrenting experience. With few modifications and adjustments, you can use Seedbox in more ways than just for torrenting. Here are some of the most popular uses of Seedbox –

·     Torrenting

The most obvious use of Seedbox is torrenting. You will observe that every Seedbox provides a torrent client or even multiple torrent clients accompanied with a web user interface. The users are required to log into this interface on their browser and can get access to their Seedbox server remotely.

Over the interface you can download as many torrent files as you want. You can even download the torrent URLs if that’s what you want. Once the download is complete your files would immediately be seeding. All the torrenting action will be remotely done in order to maintain your privacy.

·     Streaming Media

You can transform your Seedbox server into a streaming media center with the use of Plex Media Server. You can directly stream media files from your Seedbox without having to transfer them to your device. There are several top Seedbox providers that offer Plex integration to the users that does not require separate purchase and installation.

As of today, there are many Seedbox providers that deliver Plex optimized hosting plans that may cost you reasonably. Many users also set up Plex Media Server to their Seedbox manually as well.

·     Personal Game Server

You can create your very own gaming server with the use of Seedbox. You can download the games you want privately and remotely on your server. For this you need a dedicated Seedbox that has SSH root access.

It is an important requirement without which you won’t be able to set up and install the data that you want. But keep in mind that some Seedbox provider does not enable hosting game servers, therefore, make sure to check out their hosting plans carefully.

Reasons to get a Seedbox

The function of Seedbox is more than just torrenting, however, if you are still not convinced about the need of a Seedbox then here are a few reasons that might persuade you. After all, Seedbox comes along with great features –

·     High-speed Downloading

There’s no better joy high-speed connectivity over which you can download the files relentlessly. Seedbox can offer you amazing speed that impressively ranges from 100Mbit/s to up to 10 Gbit/s.

You can literally download an entire HD movie within a matter of a few minutes. You can put your struggle days of downloading large files behind and enjoy uninterrupted high-speed downloads and even uploads.

·     Safety & Privacy

As mentioned earlier, downloading and doing just about anything related to torrenting over BitTorrent can be unsecure for your privacy and safety. Seedbox eliminates the threats of security and privacy by accessing the files remotely.

Plus, being connected directly to a remote hosting server like Seedbox makes you completely anonymous online. You don’t have to deal with annoying stop torrenting notices or trackers that tend to keep account of your activities.

·       Disabling ISP Restrictions

No matter how good your internet speed is, your ISP cuts down the speed as soon as you reach a certain bandwidth limit. But using a Seedbox you could completely avoid this issue as it does not use ISP for the torrenting activities.

Along with bandwidth limitation, your ISP may also block some BitTorrent ports. However, with the use of Seedbox you can disable these restrictions in a heartbeat.

Bottom Line

All in all, Seedbox can be a great purchase for you if you are trying to avoid issues while torrenting. However, it also provides other alternative uses with minor modifications to it. Get hooked to the best Seedbox provider and enjoy a smooth torrenting experience no matter what.

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