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The world of torrenting without the use of seedbox is literally incomplete. We say this because torrenting over your home network connection can be dreadful as you have to face many challenges.

Aside from taking ample amount of time to download or seed files, it can be also dangerous as torrent portals are highly unsecure. The privacy and security concerns are one of the many prime challenges of torrenting without the installation and use of a seedbox.

But with the growing demand of this remote hosting server, there has been a rise in the number of seedbox brands that are available today in the market. Hence, consumers deal with the issue of having too many choices and feel overwhelmed.

Choosing the best seedbox provider is important because you get all the benefits and stay away from scamming companies. Yes, there are many scammers as well that might charge you more than the services they offer in the first place.

So, to make your choice a little bit easy we have listed some of the best seedbox that are running successfully as of today. Take a look at the below listed brands to pick your provider.

1.     UltraSeedbox

It is one of the best seedbox providers that delivers affordable and quality performing seedboxes to the customers. They have got suitable hosting plans for all types of users. Whether you are a newbie who is just trying to figure out its functions or a tech savvy that wants to do more with it, Ultraseedbox has got your back. Just choose your hosting plan as per your needs and you are good to go.


Searching for a brand that satisfies you both in quality and price? Well then is the seedbox provider that you must choose. They offer premium performing seedboxes at reasonable prices. Also, with a simple user interface there won’t be a problem for beginners to operate it.

3.    DediSeedbox

Need a seedbox that offers users with unlimited bandwidth services? DediSeedbox is the one. This provider might also be a treasure trove for heavy-torrent users that wants to do more with their seedbox as it has 30+ one click installation apps ready to be used.

4.    ISeedFast

This seedbox brand could be the best one for beginners as it has a clear and easy interface to work things out. Also offering great performance and price, ISeedFast definitely deserves to be in the list of best seedbox providers.

5.    Rapid Seedbox

Now this might be an expensive seedbox provider compared to the others but it’s definitely worth the price. With 24×7 expert client support, high-speed bandwidth and overall impressive features, this one has definitely got the power to give you amazing torrenting experience.

6.    EvoSeedbox

Want the cheapest hosting plan to start your journey on using seedbox? Then try out EvoSeedbox that offers you hosting plans for as cheap as $5. Compatible with almost every standard device, this one is a great seedbox choice for newbies and those who are tight on budget.


This one has pre-installed OpenVPN services for that extra layer of security while you are torrenting online. It also provides a robust hardware system hence, can run your seedbox 24×7 without any hassle. Make sure to check out this amazing brand before you make your choice.

8.    SeedboxBay

Rapid server connections, simple user interface, unlimited bandwidth, the list of amazing features goes on when it comes to SeedboxBay. You won’t regret choosing this amazing seedbox provider from the market.


With overall great performing features that are available at fair price, makes it into the list for its best quality/price ratio. It offers three hosting plans to choose that we think are enough for any user to fulfil their requirements.

10. Easy – Tk

Not known to many users, Easy-Tk is a fine working seedbox provider available in the market. The app hub is constantly updated so that users can enjoy some cool features out of it. This France-based seedbox provider is a good quality seedbox that you can choose without any hesitation.


So, what are you waiting for? The above listed seedbox brands are some of the best working seedbox that can make your torrenting experience amazing. Make your choice from the list above and enjoy having an amazing overall experience.


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