Seedbox Beyond Torrenting: 4 Other Creative Uses of Seedboxes


Seedboxes are usually remote servers with high bandwidth and a public IP address so you can download and upload torrents at extremely high speeds, safely. They have a lot of distinct advantages when you use them for torrenting. For example, you can maintain anonymity, build ratio, and do your torrenting activities at extremely high speeds, without worrying about getting tracked down.

But can you do anything else with a seedbox? The answer is yes. A top seedbox will allow you to do a lot more than just torrenting. You just need a few tweaks to your seedbox and you can start using it in ways that you’d never thought of before. It will depend though on the type of seedbox you are using. But some of the activities can be done on any good seedbox. So, here goes our top favorites.

1. Run Applications Remotely

With a top seedbox, you can have remote access through VNC (Virtual Network Computing) connection. Meaning, you can access and control applications remotely from the device of your choice. It’s great when you want to set up access to your Dropbox or OneDrive. Or set up scripts to download YouTube videos. But to do this,

  • First, you’ll need to install a VNC software that supports the type of seedbox you are using, both on your seedbox and the device (phone, laptop) that you want to access it from.
  • You’ll also need your SSH connection details like hostname and IP to gain remote access. After you get hold of the information, you’ll have to put it into an SSH program (like Putty). You’ll then have to create a password as will be prompted by the Putty interface.
  • After that, run a vnc-restart command. The command will contain your password and the display resolution you choose. For example, a vnc-restart command looks like, vnc-restart password 1920×1080
  • Now, connect to the seedbox server using the VNC software. You’ll need your login credentials like username and password and also the port information to log in and get access.

2. Create Your Own Game Server

A top seedbox will allow you to set it up as your very own game server. To do this, you’ll need a dedicated seedbox with root SSH access. Root access is important, as otherwise, you won’t have the permission to set up the server and install the required files.

A dedicated seedbox comes in handy in two ways. First, with a dedicated seedbox, you’ll get an entire server to yourself with no one to share computing resources with. Meaning, you can play any game with any system requirements, effectively. Another benefit it has is that with a dedicated seedbox, you automatically get SSH root access with complete freedom in how you choose your seedbox to work for you.

But keep in mind that not all seedbox providers allow hosting some type of game servers. So, always check their policies and inquire beforehand.

3. Stream Media Easily

You can set up your top seedbox to stream your entire media library including movies, TV shows, and music files, directly from the seedbox without having to download them to your PC first. In effect, this means that you’ll be able to turn your seedbox into a media center quite easily.

Nowadays, many seedbox providers offer Plex integrations on their servers naturally. But this may be a bit expensive. So, you can try this instead.

  • First, set up a account on their website.
  • Next, access your seedbox account through a web browser of your choice, and there, go to the list of installable apps.
  • Now, locate the Plex Media Server and install it. A popup will ask you to claim a code generated for your installation.
  • Now you’ll have to use that code to link your Plex Media Server to your account.

4. Host Your Own Voice Server

A top seedbox will allow you to install services like your very own chat server or even voice server. Being hosted on such a fast server as a seedbox, it will never be overloaded with too many users. You’ll have enough of bandwidth to support all users who connect.

For this too, you’ll need a seedbox with root access to host the voice server files there. You’ll also have to keep in mind a few criteria. For most seedboxes, there will be a limit set for the number of unregistered instances of their server software per server. In most cases, this number is one. If you are using a shared seedbox with SSH root access, chances are someone on the server is already using it. In that case, you can either buy a dedicated seedbox or obtain a license for your voice server to be used in a shared seedbox.

Seedboxes are mostly known as safe torrenting options. But today, you can use them for several different purposes. You can use a top seedbox as a media center, or utilize the server to set up your own game or voice server. The important factor to consider is that you need a seedbox with rot access that will support all the protocols you’ll need for setting it up the way you want.

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