Seedbox or VPN: The Difference Between The Two & Which One You Need?


When it comes online, the main concern for most of us is privacy and security. Especially for the torrent users as you know the torrent ports are highly insecure with major security concerns involved. So, what’s our options really? Well, thanks to technological advancements there are many ways that you can protect yourself online even when you are torrenting.

Now, the two terms that we often come across for security & privacy while torrenting is a seedbox and a VPN. Users will find several brands among these tools that promise high-end security and as for seedboxes there are many other services as well. Even a cheap seedbox purchase will benefit a user with certain requirements.

But before you make your mind and decide which one serves your purpose the best it is essential that you learn a few things about the two. Below we will be differentiating between the two tools and how they benefit you. So, without furthermore delay. Let’s start with it, shall we?


Seedbox is a remotely hosted server that torrenters use for the high-speed downloads and uploads of torrent files. The server typically utilizes the BitTorrent protocols and probably one of the prime reasons why offers the users blazing fast downloads and uploads of digital files. Seedboxes acts as an intermediary service provider that allows the users to download and upload files over secure HTTPS connections.

Prime Features of Seedbox

In order to truly understand the need and use of a seedbox you need to analyze the features that it provides. Below we have listed the prime features of best seedbox

1.      Privacy & Security

Seedbox has great privacy and security features that keeps your torrenting activities protected. As soon as you own a seedbox you will be getting your own hosting account for the downloads and uploads. This way all your activities will be organized and will also be able to maintain a good ratio.

Also, with the use of seedbox your home IP address completely remains hidden instead the seedbox IP is tracked. This maintains your anonymity online and you can go on with your torrenting activities without any threats. Your ISP also cannot track down your activities therefore helping you overcome ISP restrictions as well.

2.     High-Speed Torrent Activities

Well, one of the things that is assured from a seedbox is that users are able to enjoy the fastest speed compared to their home network. Uninterrupted high-speed bandwidth is assured once you start using seedbox.

The speed range offered by even a cheap seedbox provider begins from 100 Mbit/s which is not all shabby compared to throttling bandwidth from your ISP. Users are able to download a HD movie file within a few minutes. But not just with downloads, seedboxes offer relentless speed for uploading or seeding your files as well.

3.     Data Storage

Another great feature that seedbox provides is the storage disk space. Users can download and save their files right on the server for as long as they want. This way you won’t be clogging your system storage and use the storage space for some other use.

The amount of storage space offered by a seedbox provider depends on the hosting plan you choose. The higher the hosting plan you choose the more storage space you get. So, based on your requirement you can choose the data storage space along with your seedbox.

4.     Streaming Media Files

Now, there are several seedbox providers that offer streaming features along with the server. The best seedbox providers offer pre-installed apps that offer streaming applications such as PLEX. With the use of PLEX, you can stream your downloaded torrent files directly from your server.

Users aren’t required to transfer them to their system and arrange the files systematically on their library. Stream your files from your server and save the hassle of performing FTP downloads.


Unlike seedbox, VPN is rather a virtual private network that helps the users to establish a secure network connection where users can transfer files from one another safely. VPN is able to establish such secure connections with the use of layered encrypted tunneling protocol. The users are required to go through several authentication methods in order to gain access to VPN.

Prime Features of VPN

The prime features offered by the best VPN includes the following –

1.      Multiple Server Locations

The highlighting feature of using a VPN is that it hides the user’s data by an encrypted layered tunnel that is established between the VPN’s web server and user’s device. The VPN hides the user’s IP address and instead uses its web server’s IP.

However, VPN offers the users with multiple web server locations which they can choose from and this not allows them to mask their own IP address but to get access to those portals that have geo-restrictions. Users can easily access the portals and files from the geo-restricted locations.

2.     Remote Access

Users with the help of VPN connection can access their files and even do more remotely. Companies are greatly benefited from this feature as they can send and receive files from a team that has been functioning overseas.

The remote access features make the tasks easy and secure for the users. That is why you may observe the use of VPN systems in most businesses.

3.     Wi-Fi Protection

Another great feature that is offered by top VPN is the Wi-Fi protection. As you know public Wi-Fi networks are highly unreliable. But if you want to stay protected when using such open wifi then you must make sure to use a VPN.

VPN connection expertly encrypts your traffic and keeps the snoopers away. You can smoothly perform activities online with the help of VPN network connection.

So, which one is better?

Well, both seedbox and VPN offer security features to keep your activities safe online. However, both the tools offer security for varied functions. While torrenting a seedbox is the perfect choice but for overall browsing VPN is preferable.

The choice of tool between seedbox and VPN really depends on the user requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your security tool as per your needs now.

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