Seedboxes v/s VPN : What to refuse, What to refuse?


If you happen to be a frequent torrent user then you would surely come across the terms ‘Seedbox’ and ‘VPNs’. Both of these devices have gotten increasingly popular among members of the torrent communities because they are increasingly being seen as very effective and private ways of downloading files from the Internet.

If you find yourself confused between which option to choose then don’t feel weird because millions of torrent users around the world are often faced by this very same predicament. This blog has been put together to make life easier for people who often find themselves faced with this predicament. In this piece, we will take all factors into consideration, go through the pros and cons of either option, before delivering a verdict on which option is better and why! Let’s get started!

So what are VPNs?

VPNs stand for Virtual Private Networks and they are all about establishing a secured and encrypted connection with other networks over the world wide web. VPNs are used for multitudes of reasons but perhaps their primary purpose is to access region-restricted websites and this is done by  VPNs by hiding the hosting address from others.

So what are Seedboxes?

Seedboxes are nothing but remote servers which are hosted in data centers that have a very high bandwidth range. Seedboxes make it possible for their users to upload and download torrent files, safely, efficiently and most importantly, privately.

So, can Seedbox

es replace VPNs?

To figure this out, we will have to go through some of the most common benefits of a Seedbox!

  • Speed :- Speed is one of the primary benefits of the seedbox. The speed of seedbox can easily range between 10Mbps to 1Gbps, which makes it insanely fast and a lot more faster than an average home internet connection. With the help of seedboxes you will be able to download full operating systems within 40 seconds and a full BLU-ray HD movie within 2 minutes. Almost no other option in the market is as fast as a Seedbox.
  • Privacy :- One of the main reasons for the soaring popularity of seedboxes in the first place among members of the torrent community is that seedboxes offer high-end security and safety. There are very few instances of data hacking or breaching when a seedbox is used because a seedbox very effectives hides the IP address from the trackers. Regardless of how strong or not the hacker is, it is borderline impossible for him or her to figure out the IP address of the remote server.

Benefits of VPN

  • Hide IP address :- Just like seedboxes, VPNs are also very effective in hiding IP addresses from people which confuses potential hackers about the actual destination of the server.
  • Geo-restrictions :-One of the most important reasons for the widespread and extensive usage of VPNs is that they are very effective in making geo-restrictions on both digital content and also the entire website. It is because of this feature that VPNs are used by some of the biggest tech companies in today’s day and age like Netflix..

The Final Verdict : VPN or Seedbox?

It can be said without the shadow of a doubt that both VPN  and Seedbox are very good options for downloading files from torrents. There are enough people on either sides of the spectrum who are fans of either option and can’t comprehend switching over to the other option because of their inherent biases. Both options are also excellent in preventing online threats while also maintaining security. Seedbox turns out to be the slightly better option because of its combination of Bit Torrent protocol and command over privacy. The best way to go about things would be to opt for the best of both worlds which in this parlance means Seedboxes that are equipped with VPN services.

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